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Private Music Lessons


  • Guitar

  • Ukulele




  • Fall Session: September - December

  • Spring Session: January - June

  • Summer Session:  July- August




Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies:

  • Call your teacher directly or the Cobblestone Arts Center (585) 398-0220 to cancel a lesson due only to illness or a family emergency.  Lessons may be canceled no later than noon on the day of your lesson or 6pm Friday evening for a Saturday lesson. 24 hour cancellation notice is recommended and greatly appreciated. It is your responsibility to make up your lessons by arrangement with your teacher. Lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled if we are not given proper notification. If your teacher cancels a lesson, a mutually agreeable arrangement will be made to make up the lesson.

  • Your lesson time is yours for as long as you like. We will assume that you are continuing your lessons each new month and will hold your lesson time, unless we are notified otherwise, at least two weeks in advance.



  • Call and/or email your instructor directly to arrange a lesson and for information on tuition.  

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