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Summer Dance July 6th - August 11th

KIDS Summer dance is a 6 week session 7/7-8/11
Ages 2-5 Tuesdays from 4-4:40pm will be a Zoom class
Ages 6-9 Tuesdays from 4:45-5:45pm In studio class
Ages 10-15 Tuesdays from 5:45-6:45 In studio class
ADULT Zoom Ballet/Workout 6 week session 7/6-8/10
Mondays from 3-3:40
Creative Movement & Music Ages 2-5 - $90

Students participate in creative movements, incorporating traditional ballet dance technique as well as basic motor skills such as skipping, jumping, leaping, etc. We often use props (i.e. hats, canes, scarves, and ribbons) as an aid to facilitate learning and coordination. We emphasize fun while learning expressive dance and the basics of ballet. If time and interest allows, we will progress to an introduction of tap. During the music portion of class, students learn the basics of cello, violin, and rhythms.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Ages 6-9/Ages 10-15 - $90

This class focuses on detailed exploration of these three popular dance styles. We typically start with a traditional ballet warm-up at the barre, progress to floor work and the fundamentals of Jazz technique including isolations and stylized body movement. We then finish with tap dance focusing on choreography and tap combinations.

Adult Ballet/Workout - $60

This class focuses on beginning Ballet barre technique, strengthen and lengthening your muscles. We will also include weights and ab exercises as well as relaxation at the end of each class. 

Creative Movement




Ballet/Hip Hop/Tap


Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop Ages 10-15




Adult Ballet/Workout


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